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Tri-State Basement Repair Services For Your Madison Home

Tri-State Basement Repair is one of the best choices in the Madison area for all of your basement needs. We can help you with waterproofing to prevent damage or help repair damage that has already occurred, whether it was due to water or foundation problems. Here are just some of the services offered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Basement Waterproofing

One of the most important services that we offer at Tri-State Basement Repair is basement waterproofing. This is designed to prevent water from ever leaking into your home so you don’t have to contact us in the future to repair damage. We have a unique drainage system that we use to keep your basement free from flooding and moisture.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

Although crawlspaces are similar to basements, they require a different method for waterproofing. We use a Healthy Home Crawlspace Solution to remove the humidity and keep your crawlspace moisture free so you don’t have to worry about mold, insects, or bad smells.


One of the best methods to keep your crawlspace free from moisture is with a dehumidifier. Our team uses Santa-Fe Dehumidification Systems that can dehumidify 5,000 square feet of crawl space while cleaning the air. In addition to removing moisture, it will also remove allergens so you and your family don’t have to worry about allergic reactions due to the presence of dust mites or other airborne allergens.

Wet Basement Repair

If you didn’t get your basement waterproofed in time, you may need wet basement repair services, especially after a heavy rainfall or snowfall. Most of the leaks causing the wet basement come from cracks in the walls and foundation, so our team at Tri-State Basement Repair will get right to the source of the problem by repairing cracks and waterproofing the foundation.

Foundation Repair

Madison homes experience a wide range of foundation problems that can result in it crumbling, bowing, or cracking. We will access your problem and the cause of it and then take the appropriate steps to repair it, preventing future damage.

Wall Anchor Systems

Just one of the solutions we offer in case of foundation problems is wall anchor or pier systems. This system works on all types of basement walls to stabilize them using proven techniques. There are several wall anchor systems as well as multiple pier systems that we can use depending on your particular situation.

Egress Windows

Tri-State Basement Repair isn’t just there to help if you have a problem with the basement in your Madison home. We can also help you make the space more appealing through Egress windows. These add light and ventilation and can even help provide you with an emergency exit if the need ever arises so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety.


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