Wall Anchor & Piering Systems

Wall Anchor & Piercing Systems Take the Stress Off Your Foundation and Yourself!

Concrete walls become stressed due to both horizontal and lateral earth pressure. This pressure mixed with water in the soil creates hydrostatic pressure. Poor foundations and those located in areas of weak or expansive soils, like clay and rock, eventually the walls give to the pressure and begin bowing inward. If your foundation walls begin bowing or bulging, this is a sign of very serious foundation problem that can damage the structure of your home. Another problem that homeowners face is a sinking foundation, or foundation settlement. Tri-State Basement Repair, A Grip-Tite® Certified Dealer and Installer, has a number of solutions to help take the stress off your foundation, including Wall Anchor and Piering Systems.

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Signs of Foundation Failure:

  • Windows and doors are sticking or hard to open
  • There are large gaps in window or door frames
  • Floors are starting to settle and become uneven
  • Bowed or leaning basement walls
  • Cracks in your foundation walls
  • Chimneys are tilting or leaning
  • Foundation is sinking

Why let the problems continue to cause your home and property further damage; damage that will not only cost you more money in repairs, but also drastically lowers the value of your property. Our proven foundation solutions are cost effective.

The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. What’s more, the system works on any kind of basement wall – concrete block, clay block, poured concrete, timber, or stone. The system consists of an interior wall plate, an exterior soil anchor and a connecting steel rod to stabilize foundation walls by counteracting pressure exerted against the wall. Benefits include, minimal excavation and disturbance to property, installed in a day or less, and cost effective. Call today for a FREE, no obligation estimate, 877-493-8349.

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The Grip-Tite® Foundation Pier System economically and safely stabilizes a building’s foundation, thereby minimizing additional, future settlement. The system utilizes hydraulically driven steel columns and a rugged foundation bracket to transfer structural load to deep, dense soil or bedrock. The end-bearing push pier system, suitable for both residential and commercial applications, installs quickly with small equipment and in areas of limited or tight access. When compared to other driven pile systems, the Grip-Tite system proves superior due to its ability to reach greater depths and load-bearing strata.

The Grip-Tite® Helical Pier System is installed to effectively stabilize a foundation utilizing a steel foundation bracket to transfer the building load from the foundation, through the pier, to competent soil strata. This system significantly reduces potential total and differential settlement as compared to shallow spread footings bearing on soft or variable soils.

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