Wet Basement

Wet Basement

Wet Basement Repair Solutions

Your home is your most valuable asset, and each home and basement is different.  All foundation experts agree that the most common points of water entry are over the top of the foundation through the footings, and down the walls, which causes a wet basement.  Left alone,  the vast majority of home foundations have either leaked at some point, or will leak in the future. Before long, the hydrostatic pressure created by the flow of water toward the home, pushes through the smallest cracks, seams or other inherent weak points in the foundation, eventually causing leaks, mold problems and many times structural damage to the foundation.  It is better for your house, and the safety of your family, if you remedy this potentially dangerous problem before it can get out of hand.

All wet basement problems are solvable, but first you must determine where the water is coming from.  How can you tell?  Take a look at six potential entrance points:  The floor/wall joint, sill plate, Bilco door opening, a window or window well, a wall crack or pipe insertion, and visible floor cracking. Look at the beginning of a rainstorm and keep checking.  If there is more than a half inch of water on the floor, it is most likely coming in from the floor/wall joint.

The experts at Tri-State Basement Repair are the best trained in the industry and have repaired countless home and commercial building foundations throughout the Upper Midwest, ensuring that those basements will never leak again for the life of the structure. That’s our guarantee, and we’re happy to stand behind it.

Most Common Points of Entry for Water in Your Basement:

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