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Janesville Basement Work With Tri-State Basement Repair

If you live in Janesville, Wisconsin and own your own home, chances are that you have a basement or at least a crawlspace. Our team at Tri-State Basement Repair can help you with all aspects of caring for your basement. This includes both repairing any damage and preventing it from ever occurring via waterproofing or strengthening your foundation. We offer a wide range of services designed to help you in any situation and work with basements, crawlspaces, and foundations.

Basement Repar Work

Perhaps one of the most popular services our team offers is basement work. This can actually be divided into several different categories including basement waterproofing and repairing wet basements. Wet basements will usually be caused by cracks in the walls or foundation. In most cases your basement won’t necessarily be wet all of the time, but you will notice problems after a heavy rainfall or after the snow melts. In addition to fixing the problems with your basement (such as sealing cracks) we will waterproof it using one of our proven methods to prevent standing water and other problems. Our most popular solution is the drainage system that is placed underneath your basement floor and is strong and durable enough to last as long as your home.

Crawlspace Repair Work

If your home doesn’t have a basement, then Tri-State Basement Repair can still help you with your crawlspace. Waterproofing this area of the home is a bit different than the basement as we will use a combination of encapsulation and dehumidification. Some signs that you need our services include a musty smell, standing water after a rainfall, bugs or rodents, or even increasing respiratory issues like asthma. We usually recommend installing a dehumidifier in your crawlspace which will remove the humidity, drastically decreasing the moisture and preventing related problems.

Foundation Repair Work

Foundation problems in Janesville come in all shapes and sizes but our team has the training and experience to help in all cases. We can identify serious situations and find the best solution. In the case of unstable foundation or foundation walls, we may recommend a wall anchor system that uses a soil anchor connected by a steel rod to an interior wall plate. Another option may be a pier system that brings most of the structural responsibility to piers in the bedrock or dense, deep soil.

Egress Windows

In some cases our team at Tri-State Basement Repair will provide aesthetic or practical services as well. One of these would be installing Egress windows in your home. These are a great way to add ventilation and light to your basement so it is more comfortable to spend time in. The windows we used won’t require maintenance and also provide an additional exit in case of an emergency situation.


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