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Your Basement Waterproofing and Repair Questions Answered!

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Q: Why is it better to repair from inside my home, rather than outside?
A: Repairing from within allows us to save you money with more cost-friendly options, and you receive a life time warranty. Repairing from the outside is much more intrusive and costly, and does not leave your yard aesthetically pleasing.
Q: Why won't just a sump pump do the trick?
A: A sump pump only collects water from a limited area. It cannot cure the problem for the entire basement.
Q: There are cracks in my basement floor; how do you stop the water coming up from beneath?
A: Beginning from within and waterproofing the entire perimeter of the basement is 99% effective. The water is coming in from outside the basement walls, running down and seeping under the floor. Waterproofing the perimeter catches the water where it’s coming in.
Q: There is water in my block foundation; how do you get it out?
A: With our methods of waterproofing, we drill holes in the block underneath the floor, allowing the water to run into our system.
Q: Will I be able to have a finished basement after the system is installed?
A: Absolutely!
Q: How does the water run from the rest of the basement to the sump pump?
A: Our waterproofing system is designed to allow the water to run to sump pump.
Q: What do you do about the water coming down my walls?
A: Great question! While installing our system, we use a product that directs the water down into the waterproofing system.
Q: What will happen if the power goes out?
A: Installing a Battery Back-Up for your Sump Pump is highly recommended..
Q: Can’t I just clean my gutters out? Won’t that fix it?
A: If only. Water takes the path of least resistance and once it has found a way into your basement, there is no stopping it. Basement leaks do not fix themselves, and your problem will only continue to grow.
Q: What about waterproof paint? Won’t that keep the water out?
A: “Waterproof paint” will not stop the water. It may look very nice… until the first rain, that is. Now instead of just a leaky basement, you’ll have water AND paint everywhere.
Q: My foundation walls are begining to bow, Is there a way to stop them from bowing further?
A: Yes! We use the latest technology that allows us to prevent further bowing of walls, also giving your foundation additional structural support.